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Men's revolutionary breathable parka jacket with an illumination system that is perfect for cyclists.
Loaded with urban edge, Geox's Xled was specially designed for city cyclists and features an ultra-technological led-light system developed in partnership with OSRAM which stands out in the dark. It will keep you safe as you move around the city streets whatever the time of the day. The led lights are charged with a USB plug housed inside the garment and the whole system is user-friendly with an intuitive on-off switch. Exuding contemporary cool and a trendy vibe, this garment has been made from a fabric bonded to a black membrane and features a concealed hood and completely heat-sealed zippers to keep you snug and dry in wet weather too. There are some special concealed glove inserts in lycra on the sleeve ends adorned with a reflective Geox logo, making it ideal for cyclists. Xled is breathable, comfortable and waterproof with a regular fit and measures 70 cm in length.
The patent that revolutionized the world of apparel. This garment is distinguished by the exclusive GEOX apparel patent, which has transferred Geox comfort and breathability to the world of outerwear. Humidity generated by the evaporation of sweat comes out of the breathing tape on the shoulders, passing through a 3D spacer and a special breathable and waterproof membrane.
  • regular fit
100% Polyester