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Women's breathable, ultra-comfortable parka jacket with a fit that flatters female curves.
Extremely versatile, Geox's Annya is one of those perfect garments that will make you feel pampered and comfortable the whole time you are wearing it. Crafted from water-repellent matte polyester in a midnight-blue palette, it protects against the rain and has a special ladies' design that is particularly comfortable around the bust and forearm; it is 75 cm long. The removable hood has an adjustable drawstring and the tonal fabric belt can also be removed. The curved hemline dips at the back and the lining has a gorgeous zigzag print pattern. A practical, comfortable garment with a protective, feminine design.
The patent that revolutionized the world of apparel. This garment is distinguished by the exclusive GEOX apparel patent, which has transferred Geox comfort and breathability to the world of outerwear. Humidity generated by the evaporation of sweat comes out of the breathing tape on the shoulders, passing through a 3D spacer and a special breathable and waterproof membrane.
  • regular fit