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Men's breathable water-repellent jacket with hi-tech detailing and a fixed hood.
Exuding a proactive vibe with a stout practical design, Geox's Ottaya has been made from a softshell fabric bonded to mesh in a midnight-blue-and-black colorway enhanced with a water-repellent treatment and finished with a straight hem. Easy to match, it emanates urban edge and contemporary cool, making it ideal for everyday wear. It has a fixed hood, front pocket, hi-tech reverse zippers and framis detailing. A light stout jacket with a slim fit that will adapt to the shape of the torso. It measures 66 cm in length.
The patent that revolutionized the world of apparel. This garment is distinguished by the exclusive GEOX apparel patent, which has transferred Geox comfort and breathability to the world of outerwear. Humidity generated by the evaporation of sweat comes out of the breathing tape on the shoulders, passing through a 3D spacer and a special breathable and waterproof membrane.
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